People are effectively training bears to get into trouble, and Colorado wildlife officials are sick of it

OURAY — The bear was immense by Colorado standards, 394 pounds of muscle and fur, and it lay sprawled across the necropsy table as the prime suspect in a murder. Days earlier, in August 2009, wildlife officers had been called to a grisly scene at a house outside Ouray, where a frail, 74-year-old woman named Donna Munson lived. As friends would later recount, Munson had a passionate love of animals, regularly leaving grains and dog food out to feed deer, elk, skunks, raccoons and other wildlife.

Message scent: Douglas fir beetles detoured from Ouray forest by pheromone packets

These are not the trees you’re looking for. That’s the message sent by the scent wafting from Douglas fir trees on Ouray’s perimeter. The smell emanates from bubble packs stapled to the trees. The packs contain chemicals that mimic the pheromones pine beetles use to send messages to each other. This time, the message is that they should keep on truckin’. Like a Jedi mind trick delivered by Obi-Wan Kenobi, this pungent mixture, smelling of tires and syrup, fools the tiny insects into thinking t